DCS+ is the regional leader in tourism software production and the company's main asset is its people. The two levels occupied by the company in Bucharest, floors 4 and 5, are treated differently depending on the recipients of the respective space: while the floor dedicated to work and contact with customers has a sober but fresh and contemporary image, the lounge floor for employees exuberantly combines materials, colors and cheerful textures and serves as a space for socializing and creative meetings. The spaces on the working floor - the director's office, the conference room, the three offices with 12, 4 and 2 workstations - are finished with natural, warm, precious materials - walls clad with slate slates, wood panel walls concealing storage, in contrast to the cold finishes of the technological range: clear, sandblasted glass in large panels, ergonomic furniture, the reception desk in a single sheet of white, three-dimensionally folded composite material. Although sober and efficiency-oriented, the architecture lets the brand's values shine through: warmth, interpersonal communication, avant-garde. At the opposite pole, but with the same idea of communication and creativity, is the lounge floor, where employees, mostly from the IT sector, can relax as a team or individually. There is also a large informal meeting room where internal meetings and competitions take place. The bar, dining area and gaming lounge are spontaneously furnished with heterogeneous materials and textures: walls clad with wood trim, the bar made of different coloured MDF shelves, stainless steel and fabric bar stools, natural bentwood dining chairs. Creating unconventional spaces to unwind and 'recharge the batteries' is always a challenge as it needs to allow for varied activities and not guide one's range of recreational activities too strictly. In this case, the DIY-look design allows for free interactions between team members, over a meal, a game of computer football or a game of billiards with spectators, after a lively brainstorming session.

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